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Replace flues with aluminum or stainless steel liners for safety and efficiency

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More than 100,000 homes are damaged by flue fires each year. Wood burning systems should be inspected at least once per year and cleaned after each face cord of wood. For heavy users, your chimney contractor can instruct you how to visually inspect your system more often. Many factors can influence creosote build up so it pays to have your chimney serviced each year by a ChimPro approved contractor.

Seasoned, dry hardwoods are the best choice for an enjoyable fire and a reduction in creosote levels. Learn more about wood selection and efficiency in this article from

A chimney fire can cause extensive damage to your fireplace, chimney, and surrounding walls. Learn how to identify whether you've had a flue fire and what to do about it.

ChimPro Contractors adhere to the latest building codes and safety requirements. Learn more about creosote buildup and the ChimPro chimney cleaning process for brick, block, stone, and metal flues.

Chimney Service and Repairs


Repair all types of brick, block, and stone masonry including tuck pointing, new crowns, and liners.
Remodeling or Building? Plan a new fireplace with design ideas.
Selling or Buying a Home? Residential Inspection Service insures no surprises and guarantees any repair estimate to the buyer for 12 months.
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